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Gotochi Pokemon Pickups!!

Originally posted by allinia at Gotochi Pokemon Pickups!!

As Gin mentioned, I will be travelling to Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokohama this coming month to get Gotochi Pikachu, Meowth, Eevee, and Oshawott goods!!

Gotochi Pokemon, or "local Pokemon," series goods are designed to represent different localities of Japan.  There are six different items available in Pikachu, Meowth, Eevee, or Oshawott, and each locality will have a different motif for the Pokemon.  For more information on the series, you can read my blog post: http://www.eeveeons.com/2012/12/gotochi-pokemon-goods-release.html

I'm doing these pickups while on vacation, so I absolutely positively need payments on time when the payment post goes up - I need these shipped from Japan before I return home so I'll be operating on a tight schedule.  Please do not claim a pickup slot if you will not be able to pay the first week of January!!  

The goods prices are as follows:
☆ Mini Towel: $13.50
☆ Socks: $12
☆ Ballpoint Pen: $14
☆ Mechanical Pencil: $14
☆ Charm Strap: $13.50
☆ Earphone Jack Charm: $14

I will also be picking up the Pokemon Center Pikachu Charm Strap for $13.50:

To order, please comment with the item, Pokemon, and locality (Tokyo, Yokohama, or Osaka) you want.
**Pokecen Pikachu Charm is the same in all regions, you do not need to specify a region for him**

Payments will be due the first week of January and shipping will be from Japan.  I will give you a total once I have your items in hand.  Unfortunately since I don't know how much these goods will weigh and have never personally shipped from Japan before I can't give any sort of meaningful shipping estimate - but please be prepared for base shipping + fees to be somewhere around $4-5.   

I am planning to take unlimited slots so that everyone can get their regional goods :)  Slots for Osaka and Yokohama will close completely once make the trips to those Pokemon Centers sometime the first week of January.  I *may* be able to make multiple trips to Tokyo and will keep a waitlist for anyone who happens to miss the first run.

Some items may be sold out!  Since these will be one-shot trips, unfortunately I won't be able to go back and check if the Pokemon Center restocks.  You are responsible for your order even if some items aren't available.

**Important info for people ordering socks!
At the moment I don't have any information on what sock sizes are available.  Like most Pokemon Center wearable goods, please assume they are kids sizes.

Order List:

It's worth repeating again because it's so important: Please do not claim a spot if you won't be able to pay immediately upon getting a total in January!!

That said, please don't hesistate to ask any questions about these goods and/or ordering :)

I hope everyone is as excited as I am for these gotochi goods ♥
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